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mardi 5 octobre 2010

Who is behind Jiri Pragman? (Blog

Who is behind Jiri Pragman? (Blog

To our readers and online friends.

Hardly the Grand Arab Orient Ecumenical Obedience French Studies and Research ( was born in September 2010, responding to the wishes of many French and / or Arab Jewish, Christian and Muslim, which want to work in "Lodges" otherwise than only inspirations Judeo-Christian (see the letter a "brother" for his admission to GOAO "page letter to GOAO on this site), this new Obedience found itself attacked by the Blog "" Jiri Pragman.
Admittedly, this is not the first time that this gentleman, attack and denigrate the Grand Arab Orient and now the French Obedience GOAO
This leads us to seriously ask ourselves the following question:
Who is behind Jiri Pragman? and why this latent animosity toward an obedience which only meet the aspirations of several candidates being banned Freemasons in their country?
We do not normally respond on this site to a blog whose origin is more than doubtful, since this site is governed by a nickname, but the fact of taking "future applicants from the Maghreb and Africa for Naïve "when they are adults and not underdeveloped to know how things in perspective and judge for themselves what they offer the GOAO, knowing that for them it is the only medium (thank you Internet) to one day become Freemasons, being unable to be in their respective countries where Freemasonry is prohibited where poorly tolerated (note that the GOAO offers only pre-initiation, clearly specifying on its website that initiation on the Internet is an illusion and that it can be possible only within a box 'See eligibility status of applicants on the site of GOAO "Distort the *. Truth is a commonplace of the blog that he uses to feed its audience.
Is scammed applicants requesting admission after a poll (subscription) from 200 euros per year, whereas we know very well that in all Obediences capitation is 400 euros per year or more? (See the financial scandals that tarnished the image of Freemasonry of some "Big Obediences" and make the headlines).
We do not want to fall into the trap that we tend Jiri Pragman, namely, to accuse of anti-Arab and racist, but by dint of wanting so much to all actions undertaken by the Grand Orient and the Arab GOAO, leaves us perplexed!
Readers and applicants to consider. They can do things in perspective, by looking carefully at bottom the Grand Arab Orient Ecumenical (GOAO) offers them.

* *- However, initiation "distance" can only be a decoy. It must be lived surrounded by brothers and / or sisters working together to succeed. It is a collective work necessarily in favor of one, an experience that no self-knowledge can not replace. The GOAO by its novel structure, meets all these requirements.
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