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mardi 5 octobre 2010

The phoenix is the emblem of the Grand Arab Orient Ecumenical

The phoenix is the emblem of the Grand Arab Orient Ecumenical

The phoenix is the emblem of the Grand Arab Orient Ecumenical
French Masonic Study and Research

It is the bird that weaves the link between East and West as among the world from the world above and from below
(Hermes Trimegiste).
- In Egyptian mythology, he lived several centuries: it burned on a pyre and was reborn from its ashes.
- In the Bible, Psalm 103 alludes to the myth of the Phoenix (Ps 103.5).
- In Christianity, it sometimes appears as a symbol of Jesus death and resurrection.
- In Islam, it is one of three mythological birds highlighted by the columnists: Simorg, Rukh and Anqa. It is found in the Anqa who survives all the changes.

The G.O.A.O. Obedience is the only Masonic in the world to carry on the path of initiation applicants from countries that prohibit the free practice of masonry by becoming "Freemasons" Aspirants / Mourid "through its website

Founded in September 2010, the GOAO has already signed the Protocols of Friendship and Mutual Recognition Obediences with several French and Foreign.
These links allow mutual recognition of SS. and FF:. concerned to "travel" as a proceeding in regions with loans or leases of the Temples Obediences between signatories.

We can already cite Obediences following:

- Grand Lodge Traditional Mixed

- The French Masonic Grand Lodge of Tradition:

- Grand Lodge of Romania Rites Confederates

- The Royal Templar Observance

- Grand Lodge of Mizraim World (in progress)

Other protocols on mutual recognition with French and foreign Obediences are being signed.

Of obedience:

It seeks to place the fraternity not above confessions, but beyond that, and wants to ensure that everyone can discover and learn from other's minds. She recalls that secularism that the structure is not a form of atheism, and of course like everywhere in masonry, religion and politics are at the gates of the lodge, properties of the secular world.
- The Big East Arab Ecumenical thus works to the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe.
- The Big East is an Arab Ecumenical Masonic independent and sovereign power.
- It's motto: Freedom - Equality - Fraternity.
- Obedience is coeducational and focuses on the study and research at the Masonic meaning of the term.
- The three Great Lights traditionally placed on the altar of the lodge are the square, the compass and the Book of Sacred Law. The latter can be either the Old Testament or the Gospel according to St. John or the Qur'an, two or three of these books in the circumstances.
- The obligations of the Masons are lent under the three lights and the choice of the Book of Sacred Law is left to the insider.
Means implemented:

- Many countries have yet to see the chance to develop freely and to associations such as Freemasonry. The masonry is either prohibited or highly constrained. The G.O.A.O. wishes, however, that the lights are held in the East may also be held in the East, to share fellowship and work in harmony Masonic.

- Fortunately, since the eighteenth century saw the birth of the masonry, technological advances are important. Internet, for example, is the means of communication and knowledge widely shared in those countries that restrict the form of expression Masonic. This is why it is in the missions of GOAO half-opened doors of Masonry in the ecumenical and universal design that is hers, that is to say detached from all religious ideas and more from any notion of salvation as secularization, through this technology .

- Knowledge of the masonic symbolism, its founding narratives or not, as its myths and rituals no longer a secret to anyone who can read and view some of the thousands of books (or websites) on the subject. Everything is said, described, explained or imaged. The G.O.A.O. therefore proposes through the Internet to support any candidate on the path of initiation from the moment he resides in one of these countries forced.

- However, the introduction to "distance" can only be a decoy. It must be lived surrounded by brothers and / or sisters working together to succeed. It is a collective work necessarily in favor of one, an experience that no self-knowledge can not replace. The GOAO by its novel structure, meets all these requirements.

Ecumenical rite.

It is a very sad for supporters of the Brotherhood is that very little French and European Muslims attending the Masonic lodges, all denominations combined. This failure is due to the fraternity for many reasons, but it is clear that the ritual that Masonry offers, decorations that adorn our buildings and historical or mythological stories (Hiram) who support them have nothing in common with the Islamic world. The calls to Jewish or Christian symbolism of our rituals are many and sometimes very explicit (see the chivalrous RSP, the York Rite ...).

- A brother (or sister) Muslim is necessarily a total loss of cultural references. Nothing, indeed, not just reinforce his eyes or forge a link with his past, his social and religious history.
- Our Western rituals of ancient chronicles tell of the Bible, the Talmud or Kabbalah we speak of a profusion of terms Hebrew and Christian references. And the more one gets into the higher ranks, the more this is true.
- From the Dreyfus Affair in the nineteenth century, the image of "Judeo-Masonic conspiracy" to persistent left traces that evoke too often the Jew as an origin of evil, moral or financial crime. Satan is not willing, but the Jew of the cartoons do not work alone with the body since it is a Freemason, which continually develops nefarious plots against the republic in the twilight of his workshops.
- All this finally forges a strong bond with the state of Israel where the masonry to the Jewish roots is certainly a machine Zionist and anti-Islamic, who works for the glory of Judaism.
- It should be noted that Protestantism is still well represented, since the founding text of the Constitutions of Anderson in the early eighteenth century, with its share of non-negotiable pre-requisite on the belief in God, the Christian course.

The ritual is inspired by the Ecumenical Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and the former Muslim operative masonry, and initiation of the branches of Islam (Sufi, Druze and Ismailis). It still appeals to common symbols and references to Judeo-Christianity but also borrows from the symbolic Muslim (as, for example, signs of recognition, color symbolism in Islam or the journey of the Prophet). The three major religions of the Book are also well represented so that each enriched the thoughts of another. It is indeed here, and only, to establish common cultural references that everyone finds his place in the course of an outfit.

It is composed of seven degrees *, preceded by a state Aspirant / Mourid.

- The 1st Degree (Apprentice / Mubtad 'i) is the equivalent of 1 ° degree of the AASR
- The 2nd Degree (Fellow / Mouqadem) is the equivalent of a 2nd degree of the AASR
- The 3rd degree (Master / Nassib) is equivalent to the 3rd degree of the AASR
- The 4th Degree (Master Secret / Sais = Ven) is the equivalent of the 4th degree of the AASR
- The 5th degree (Knight Rose-Croix / Naqib) is equivalent to the level of 18 ° AASR
- The 6th Degree (Knight Kadosh / Sheikh Aql) is equivalent to the level of 30 ° AASR
- The 7 th degree (Grand Commander / Al Qutb Al A'Azam) is equivalent to 33 ° degree of the ESPP

Its origin:

The G.O.A.O. shares with the current Masonic allegiances, the legacy of our founding fathers and Europe is complementary because it is only through its Ecumenical ritual, weaving a strong link between East and West. It is especially the heir to the Grand Arab Orient

* The Ecumenical Rite is composed of 7 degrees Because the number 7 is the highest degree of Perfection:

- The early Greeks called seven or Venerable.

- Cicero, initiated in the science of numbers, shall, in the Dream of Scipio, he is hardly anything that this number is the node.
It symbolizes, in control, the chain that unites moral science Masonic civilization and happiness of mankind.

- According to Plato's Timaeus, the origin of the world soul is enclosed.

- The planets were 7 in number, the moon, which occupied the seventh place among these spheres is subjected to the action of the 7th number; his revolution ends in 28 days, the total sum of the first 7 numbers; offers 4 main phases of each 7 days etc. ..

In "Ismailis" where "SEPTIMANIE" and other "Batiniyyin" (esoteric) all revolves around the number 7:
- 7 degrees of emanation
- 7 cycles for the time
- 7 or Prophets "Natiq" (speaker): Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and Imam
- 7 are the degrees of initiation

The Egyptian initiative was 7 degrees or degrees:
1st degree: Pastophoris
2nd degree: Neocores
3rd Degree: The Door of Death
4th degree: Christophorus
5th grade: Balahate
6th grade: astronomer at the door of the Gods
7th grade: Prophet or Sahénath Pancah

and many other features of 7, it becomes the sacred number of Masonic control.

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