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mardi 5 octobre 2010

The message from Jean-Marc Aractingi for a revival of Freemasonry

The message from Jean-Marc Aractingi for a revival of Freemasonry

A) Freemasonry is she sick of his "brothers"?
In crisis today, although some will say, the European Freemasonry has sometimes find it difficult to adapt to globalization as opening up the technologies of the 21st century. The tremendous potential of the Internet are an example to which we return.
- It often remains frozen by rituals and religious or moral principles inherited from the eighteenth century and sometimes somewhat archaic.
- The fight for the "Power" (a disease called Masonic "cordonite") or for more material considerations (financial) is omnipresent, although total contradiction with its principles as "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity .
- In practice, probably against her, a clear form of cultural segregation was installed, but keep the elitism, it removes a real part of humanity.
- Another form of elitism is the selection by money because with a poll (annual fee) from 400 € and more, you can be certain that a number of brothers (or sisters) potential remain on the forecourt.
- The masonry of which we speak is also bluntly, the distinction between regular persuasions and those who are irregular. Those of divine right and the others. It goes without saying that the former consider the latter as sub-assemblies of masons, Dhimmis, while both claim the same fraternity.
- She then performed too often a kind of dictatorship of the Lodges in which those who call themselves brothers, burning more enlightened, s'excommunient each other ignoring the principles of brotherhood and freedom in the image unenviable some sects.
Unfortunately, but logically, they often drift related to vanity cause a regression of its global workforce. United States, for example, there were five million to tell children of the Light (the one that informs our work) in the twentieth century, the fact remains that three million today.

B) Some possible remedies?

With great humility, I think it would be beneficial to retouch a few pillars of our temple:
- I want more spirituality and less elitism.
- More than brotherhood, sharing the Light with men and women from all walks of life and different cultures.
- More room for boards and discussion on matters which are the current social concerns (euthanasia, ecumenism, sailing ...). I hope a true obedience studies and research, both traditional and social.
- Waiting for obediential interagency meetings where everyone can freely expressed his views and without any discrimination.
This wish list is not exhaustive but I hope that our obedience, the Grand Arab Orient Ecumenical being born in the 21st century will bring wisdom and pioneer of the East, the cradle of three great monotheistic religions and mythological foundations of Freemasonry (see Hiram), the East and West.

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