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vendredi 12 novembre 2010

GRAND ORIENT ARABE :November 21, 2010 60th Anniversary


November 21, 2010
60th Anniversary

125,000 Visitors in 20 months

2000 Fans in 15 months

These figures cheer us again and show the importance of the Grand Orient Masonic landscape in the Arab world and despite the criticism and questioned its actual existence and its importance from Jiri Pragman and CERUMO (? ) in the blog (see: What is the GOA?).
We take this opportunity to remind once again that the Grand Arab Orient Obedience was the only Arab to have been entitled to three full pages in 1980 from the famous "Muslim World League in Mecca (book Safwat al Saqqa & Her 'adi Habib also published in English in New York in 1982), as well as other recognized publications as credible and serious on the site of the Lodge of Washington (
Thank you again for your support.

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