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samedi 27 novembre 2010

Grand Master Masons are sounding the alarm about the current state of Freemasonry

Following numerous cases that have recently tarnished the image of freemasonry, echoed in this by the media: newspapers, internet, blogs Masonic pursuing sensationalism (see our previous articles), we can raise the appeal of two masters to find the true light.
The first come from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Romania Rites Confederate Dutron Pierre, who published the page on FaceBook RITE :

The debate was launched ..... what Masonry our 3rd millennium !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone for your rallying force ... +10% In one day it reinforces our online action and universal brotherhood, and soon we will be able to provide information on relatively large changes in Masonry Universal ... ie outside the major faiths mammoth or dinosaur everyone knows who ... increasingly are dominating the news, not often positive also. Drift, a passing trend, or the amount it would hurt the quality is a question that is not right to ask ........ In this society money mad, money king, money that kills everything it touches, we have been careful enough in our recruitment, we have sufficiently removed the curious, businessmen, mafia and other vendors Temple? Ask the question, began to respond. Good thinking.

The second are from Jean-Marc Aractingi, Grand Master of the Grand Arab Orient Ecumenical that, in launching his cry of alarm "Freemasonry is she sick of his" brothers "?
implicitly answers the question posed by Peter Dutron (See article on the blog GADLU.INFO dated November 25, 2010).

Source: Observatory of Freemasonry

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