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dimanche 19 septembre 2010

Freemasonry: A Pre-Internet Initiation

Grand Orient Arabe OEcuménique

The G.O.A.O. Obedience is the only Masonic in the world to carry on the path of initiation, through the Internet, applicants from countries that prohibit the free practice of Masonry became a Freemason "Aspirant / Mourid.

Concept and organization of the status of cadet (Mourid)
for applicants to the F:. M:. countries where it is prohibited.

Its rationale:
- Many countries have yet to see the chance to develop freely organizations as Freemasonry. The masonry is either prohibited or very constraint. The G.O.A.O. wishes, however, that the lights are held in the East may also teniren East, to share his work for fraternity and harmony Masonic.
- Fortunately, since the eighteenth century, technological advances are important. Internet, for example, is the means of communication and knowledge widely shared in those countries that restrict the expression Masonic. Therefore it seemed essential to GOAO half-opened doors of masonry in the ecumenical and universal design is his, that is to say devoid of all religious ideas and more from any notion of salvation or secularization, through this technology .
- The G.O.A.O. Obedience is the first in the world to carry on the path of initiation applicants from countries that prohibit the free practice of masonry.

Knowledge and practice:
- Knowledge of Masonic symbolism, its founding narratives or not, as its myths and rituals, no secret to anyone who can read and view some of the thousands of books (or websites) on the subject. Everything is said, described, explained or imagery. The G.O.A.O. therefore proposes through the Internet to support any candidate on the path of initiation from the moment he resides in one of these countries forced.
- However, initiation "distance" can only be a decoy. It must be lived surrounded by brothers and / or sisters working together to succeed. This is necessarily a work collective to one, an experience that no self knowledge can not replace. The GOAO, by its novel structure, satisfies this requirement.

Aspiring Concept status:
- The G.O.A.O. considered in this case that the first two grades of education (apprentices and journeymen) can be acquired "remote" under the watchful eye of a master regular referent working in a tolerant country masonry, sponsor and responsible the aspirant.
- The G.O.A.O. considered in relation to a regular free mason, duties and obligations attached to the status of Aspirant are identical. It therefore follows that the work, which will duTestament philosophical to boards normally required in the first two grades of Blue Lodges, are needed.
- The Aspiring Lodge is attached to an adoption of the country of their choice, whenever possible, all working in ecumenical rite. The Master sponsor (godmother) of the Aspirant is preferentially adoption of this Lodge, Lodge in which he read for the Aspiring work of the latter. It will ensure the return of FF:. and S:. the author of the board and their issues, if the communication makes it easy.
- It will be awarded a Masonic Passport to Midshipman, in the same manner as a regular member of the obedience of a free country, indicating the status of Aspirant and detailing dates and Lodges initiations.
- The G.O.A.O. Aiming to ensure the adjustment of his or her grades or by the corresponding initiations when the opportunity presents itself, while traveling for business or tourism for the Aspiring example, in the countries concerned. This is made preferably with the Lodge of adoption, under the watchful eye of her sponsor (godmother).
- If the aspirant has come to the rank of fellow, and he managed to get the first two initiations during his travels, then and only then, can apply to approach Aspiring to the rank of Master. The question will then be submitted in its adoption by the Lodge of Master sponsor (godmother) to be determined.
- Teaching and correspondence, finally, are the means of a highly secure Internet site. The personal account of the cadet will be visible only by himself, his sponsor (godmother) and, of course, legally speaking, the G:. M:. of obedience. Capitation can be adjusted by the same computer means.

In practice:
- The applicant has access to a space reserved for applicants' Aspiring / Mourid "on site secured by passwords. It is through this space that can be linked with one or more investigators to proceed, as is done traditionally, a set of questions and answers about his vision for the company or its philosophical choices.
- This procedure aims to ensure that the real motivation of the candidate, may address topics as "sensitive" for example to euthanasia, the death penalty or the "veil" in order to check the alignment of incentives with the spirit of brotherhood masonry feeds. There is no standard answer, only an overview of the responses allows investigators to form an opinion. This investigation, if the applicant's computer resources permit (speed of the connection and webcam), may be done by videoconferencing (such as Skype).
- If the candidate is declared eligible by the Investigator, a new access would be given so that it can access another area of the site, named the "Office of reflection." He writes here as soon as he can do his "philosophical Testament" according to Masonic traditions. This will be communicated to the sponsor (the sponsor) and the candidate (to) V:. M:. Adoption of the Lodge which is set at this time, in agreement with the cadet / apprentice Mourid.
- The preparation for initiation is over, the candidate is opening a brief teaching on esoteric Judaic, Christian and Muslim, the foundation for the understanding of other members of his lodge, and the Ecumenical ritual. The "Catechism" of G.O.A.O. concerns the Kabbalah, the Gospel of John, the prophet's mystical trips or the Constitutions of Anderson, for example.
- At the end of this short course, once he has the opportunity, the candidate has an interview with (the) V:. M:. and one or more masters of the lodge, if possible, video conferencing, to make one last question and answers on the knowledge and desire to enter into Freemasonry. in light of the "passage", the lodge of adoption proceeded to vote on the principle of traditional white balls and black (see membership record). This vote is final.
- If accepted, the applicant becomes Aspiring / Mourid. He is then sent (preferably by postal channels) a Masonic Passport specifying admission as cadet / Mourid, admission date and Lodge of Adoption to be recognized as the brother to our faiths and persuasions friends in the country where he will visit.
- The Passport provides access to its initiation priority FF:. and S:. as described above if the Aspirant prevents ten days in advance (the) V:. M:. question (e) to organize his desk with dignity.

- It is important to remember that this procedure pre-initiation is only available to applicants residing in countries where Freemasonry is prohibited or too "controlled".

- If a problem occurs, whatever its nature, the Master sponsor (the sponsor) will act in all respects as if it were a regular member of the Lodge and free will refer first to his (sa) V:. M:. which, if necessary, will address through normal channels to the internal order (G:. M:. provincial or G:. M:. ...). National

Identically to the "Members", you must:
- Download the file, click HERE.
- Inform the application about yourself that you download the page "Member
- Fill it in capital letters to avoid any mistake.
- Attach to the requested documents (cover letter, resume, copies of diplomas / or passport Masonic if necessary)
- The amount of capitation (annual fee) by € 200 check payable to the Greater Arab East Ecumenical. This amount will be paid after your admission.
- The amount as benefactor is free.

- Send it to the following address:

Grand Orient Arabe OEcuménique
B.P. 6
77510 - Rebais

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